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Cnc Steel Bar Shear Line Operating Procedures

2019-06-05 09:56   admin

Here is 6mm Cut To Machine Manufacturer talking about CNC steel bar shear line operating procedures.
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1. Operators should conscientiously implement the provisions of equipment maintenance. The boot shall inspect the equipment electrical wiring, pneumatic parts, mechanical parts without exception, leakage, leakage and clogging of the fastener muffler; whether firmly, transmission chain lubrication oil level is normal, whether it meets the requirements, safety protection system is complete and reliable confirmation before starting.
2. Open the power switch, switch system, empty commissioning, move the manual lubrication handle, lubrication equipment, class lubrication shall not be less than 3 times.
3. Set shear reinforcement parameters within a single shear diameter and root number, fill in the data must be accurate and complete.
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4. The initial distance of the system, discharge distance, and steering bin should fill in, otherwise, easy to cause damage to the equipment.
5. 2 setting screen content to the original data, do not write, not free to change the data, if necessary, can be adjusted.
6. Shear parameter picture, shear reinforcement length, total root number, to cut the total length of reinforcement fill must be accurate and complete.